PESONA Visitor Management


Automate the process of a visitor’s check-in and check-out accurately with PESONA Visitor Management Solution (VMS). By eliminating the need for them to manually write their details on a log book, PESONA VMS’s self registration mode allows them to perform easy data entry as they enter and leave your premises.

With the significant number of visitors that a company receives daily, it will be a concern if a certain visitor is unable to be traced or located immediately, should a crisis or pandemic takes place. Thus, PESONA VMS would be a useful and affordable tool for companies to keep accurate and important records of their visitors information for easy contact tracing.

  • Log time and attendance of each visitor
  • Record important contact information of all visitors for easy contact tracing
  • Fast and easy check-in and check-out
  • Supports scanning of visitor’s identification card for accurate data entry
  • Trace a visitor’s activities via UIN (Unique Identification Number)
  • Supports visitor self-registration for kiosk integration
  • Customizable check-in screen with password protection
  • Manage daily events with hosts and guests (eg: meetings, conferences)
  • Supports visitor pre-registration for recording of event’s attendees
  • Upload photos of hosts and guests for registered events
  • Export and print reports of events and visitor log based on dates