Polaroid P4000 Desktop Passport Printer

Four-color highly secure desktop inkjet printer for machine readable passport booklets. Combining state-of-the-art Hewlett Packard technology, RFID ICAO-9303 compliant chip reader/ encoder and a high-definition digital camera, the POLAROID P4000 provides governments and administrations with a leading edge desktop passport issuance solution.

Performance & Reliability

The Polaroid P4000 benefits from advanced printing engine architecture specifically devel- oped to ensure high-performance, reliability and production efficiency. Its two printing modes speed-up printing ensures a high-quality photo. The large ink capacity (up to 8,000 booklets) prevents downtime during operation and delivers up to 180 passports per hour. Each page can be individually printed, or personalized in pairs (for instance page 2 & 3).

A Versatile Solution

The Polaroid P4000 allows a fully secured issuance process; from booklet authenti- city to printed data verification throughout personalized data consistency, each booklet is automatically verified by the application before final human visual validation.

Designed for Office Operation

The Polaroid P4000’s elegant and compact design and low noise level make it the ideal solution for booklet issuance activities in an office environment. Its LCD display allows you to friendly adjust the various parameters.

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