Matica Z3e Card Issuance System

Desktop Embossing Premium Range is intended to address the requirements of instant issuance and micro batch. Designed specifically for branch banks and service bureaus, Z3e is a flexible and affordable solution that provides a fast and efficient service, the credit card issuer security need in making sensitive financial documents.

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  • Mechanism powerful, compact design and extremely quiet operation;
  • It supports all types of card encoding;
  • Up to 160 characters available;
  • Area wide and durable tape tiping-up to 4000 cards!
  • Improved Security Features.

Meeting the growing trend for instant, in-store card issuance, this Premium Desktop Embossing system gives you a reliable solution incorporating excellent issuance quality at a high security level. TheZ3e is a compact desktop embosser that includes different versions based on the customer’s specific needs. It is a perfect solution for financial institutions, smaller service bureaus, retail organizations, and others seeking a simple and cost-efficient product to meet their low volume or instant card issuance requirements.

With its compact, avant-garde design and extremely quiet operation, the Z3e plastic card personalization system is ideal for branch, reception, store or office environments where space is usually very limited and noise needs to be maintained at the lowest possible level. Front-side input and output hoppers make it even more convenient for easy accessibility to your cards, and the flattop cover also reduces desk space usage.

The new Z3e combines embossing, rear/front indenting and tipping, together with encoding options for magnetic stripe, contact and contactless chip modules. To give your cards that final elegant touch,the Z3e features our Professional Tipping Module. A remarkable feature of this module is the availability of a wide range of tipping colors and an incredibly long lasting ribbon (up to 4,000 cards)!

The entire Z3e system is based on durable metal drums with hardened steel punching characters. Drums provide the best quality for embossing and indenting by pressure controlled action with a high precision positioning. You can choose from 80 to 160 characters depending on your needs. Availability of a remarkably vast range of a specific national characters permits you to use it anywhere in theworld!

Enhanced data security was a crucial aspect while designing the new embosser’s range, and Matica System realizes how important it is to prevent cards from theft and fraud, thus the Z3e Premium Desktop Embosser is equipped with many security features, including physical locks.

The Z3e provides physical and logical security conformed to current Europay, VISA and MasterCard guidelines.

These machines are ideal solutions for the following applications:

  • Credit & debit cards
  • Patient ID cards
  • Membership cards
  • Loyalty cards

Target markets:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Public authorities
  • Cultural associations
  • Education
  • Hospitality