Matica S7000 Card Issuance System

The complete solution for card personalization and fulfillment applications

When high speed issuance is required, reliability and flexibility are the keys to success. Matica’s central issuance products meet and exceed these requirements, being able to print/encode over 2,000 cards per hour and emboss up to 1000 cards per hour.
These systems are completely modular and can be upgraded in the field by adding the module that is needed and can be linked to our mailing system provide a complete turnkey solution. With a host of modular stations, you can build your own custom solution to meet the most demanding card personalization needs.

Target Markets :

  • Financial Institutions
  • Government Agencies
  • Service Bureaus
  • Card Manufacturers
  • International Companies

S7000 System Controller, Computer

Flexible platform for mid to high volume card personalization
The S7000 is the ultimate in a la carte central issuance systems and can be configured to perfectly match your current needs, while at the same time easily supporting any upgrades you may require in the future for increased performance or additional functionalities. There is an unlimited number of configurations for this extremely versatile system.

Key Strengths

  • Monochrome and color printing with various card encoders
  • Optional laser engraving, tipping, embossing and indenting modules
  • Optional activation labeller and in-line or off-line mailing systems

S7200 Enhanced System Controller, Computer

Flexible platform for mid to high volume card personalization
The S7200 takes advantages by an automatic software optimization to evenly distribute the workload through the system available stations, thus increasing the overall speed and productivity.
Matica S7200 includes the core of the unit (Base Unit), with software controller, power supply unit and all interface connections. The S7200 Base Unit includes by default a kit called Pro Issuance Kit that comprehends a Stack Light for machine operational status, a KeyLock Cabinet for computer, consumables and card secure storage and the DataEncrypt package to secure the data flow through the personalization system. In addition to this, S7200 comprises all components needed for embossing and/or indent. In order to improve credit or credit+debit performances, S7200 has been wrapped in a special configuration based on redundancy to minimize downtime.

Key Strengths

  • Up to 1200 cph Embossing speed
  • Optimized for high speed financial issuance
  • Vision System CASV, a new module with Card Artwork Stock Recognition capabilities



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