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Matica S6000GE Card Issuance System


Designed to meet the specific needs for mid volume card issuance programs, the S6000GE is a unique platform with fixed configuration. As a new member of the Matica product family, the S6000GE integrates proven proprietary technologies and well known quality features.

Target Market

  • Financial
  • Loyalty
  • Insurance

ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION Moving towards a new generation of equipment dedicated to mid volume issuers, the S6000GE provides an integrated solution to meet the different demands in terms of versatility and excellent performance to price ratio. This reliable solution is designed for cost-conscious service bureaus, card manufacturers and financial institutions.

YOUR MULTIPLE CHOICE OF APPLICATIONS The S6000GE is equipped with Matica Personalization Platform, featuring many standard encoding options together with high quality printing, embossing, indenting, tipping and it is capable of delivering production volumes of 600 cards per hour. You can choose the smart card encoding options that best suits your needs. The S6000GE can incorporate a single contactor contactless smart card station or the revolutionary Matica Smart Card Personalization Module. The Smart Card Personalization Module can personalize up to 5 contact or 3 contactless smart cards simultaneously.

THE NEW MEANING OF QUALITY Matica?s latest graphic printing engine S1 proves the meaning of quality and precision in printing. Designed for monochrome and full-color printing it is ideally suited to print text, barcodes, logos or photos at 300 dpi resolution. The integrated flip-over station allows optimal front & rear card management and the advanced cleaning roller provides maximum quality.

EMV STANDARD COMPLIANCE Matica cooperates with some of the largest smart card industry solution providers to offer complete EMV card personalization solutions conforming to VISA and Mastercard guidelines.

LICENSE FOR RELIABILITY Designed to meet the specific needs of mid volume issuers, the S6000GE combines consistent, reliable through put together with high production quality and secure card data integrity.

OPTIMIZE YOUR TIME The innovative S6000GE platform is based on the proprietary MaticardPro control software, comprising all the elements you require to easily and efficiently run card production jobs or batches. The software features a card editortogether with a card management and production solution, all in a single integrated package!

COMPLETE SOLUTION The innovative S6000GE platform gives you the possibility to link the MS6000 card mailing system.

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