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Matica S5000C Smart Card Personaliser

The affordable and cost-effective desktop unit dedicated to simultaneously personalize up to 10 smart cards, with reduced cycle time and high throughput, even when performing complex programming operations.

Used also as a complementary solution to the existing card issuance systems, that do not comprise the smart card personalization encoder, the S5000C is the ideal solution for financial, government, insurance and telecommunication card encoding.

Target Market

  • Financial
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications

DESKTOP HIGH SPEED SMART CARD PERSONALIZATION Forced to upgrade your high speed system with an expensive smart card encoding module? Not necessary so!?Card issuers who are faced with adding smart card encoding modules to handle?the new demands for smart card programs need not spend enormous sums to?upgrade their systems. Always looking to make card issuance affordable and cost?effective, Matica has created the S5000C which encodes cards without the high?cost of adding a module.

SMART CARD MODULE WITH 5 OR 10 PERSONALIZATION STATIONS The S5000C is a newly developed and affordable desktop unit that allows users to?simultaneously personalize up to10 smart cards, thus offering similar productivity?levels to that of many smart card modules of larger card issuance systems. The?reduced cycle time allows the S5000C to maintain a high throughput even when?performing complex programming operations, such as EMV and multi-application smart cards. The mechanism works as an?elevator? by which two 5-station?smart card modules raise one station at the time until all 10 stations have been loaded, upon which each module descends to its initial position. At this point the?first card, now fully personalized, is transferred to the vertical output hopper and?replaced by a new card, and the process described above is repeated.

MAGNETIC STRIPE ENCODING AND READING CAPABILITY An ISO standard magnetic stripe encoding and reading module (HiCo/LoCo,?tracks 1, 2 and 3) makes it possible to perform both smart card and magnetic?stripe encoding in a single step or, more importantly, to feed pre-personalized?cards with magnetic stripe into the S5000C, which then reads the information?encoded, identifies, collects and encodes the ?smart card data? on to the chip. This?unique feature of the S5000C, makes it ideal as a complementary unit to existing?card issuance systems. Cards issuers can complete all traditional elements of card?personalization (magnetic stripe encoding, embossing/indent, thermal printing,?tipping, etc.) with their existing systems, and then feed these pre-personalized?cards into the S5000C to complete the smart card personalization process.

EMV CARD PERSONALIZATION Matica cooperates with some of the largest smart card industry solution?providers to offer complete EMVcard personalization solutions.The MatiCardPro Windows-based card production software provides user-friendly interface?between the operator and the system.

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